Service Not Included: Quotes by Alan Ayckbourn

"I wrote a half-hour original TV play back in 1974. It was shown on BBC2 at 11 o'clock at night [actually 10.25pm] to an audience of five people. Hardly worth it."
(Personal correspondence)

"I only wrote one play for television,
Service Not Included. And I wrote that as a personal favour for a director I knew. It was a half-hour play - one of a series based around a fancy dress party. Since I had no clear brief aside from a fancy dress party, I wrote multiple locations with a huge cast; consequently it cost more than a low budget film to produce. I didn't observe the limitations of theatre in any way but chose a theme where the camera followed on character (a waiter) from location to location - overhearing snippets of conversation from various groups of people involved in an office party. The waiter made no comment at any stage leaving the viewer free to connect the dots and put together themselves the web of machinations, betrayals and love affairs."
(Personal correspondence)

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